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Saving Update: (Vlog #1) Saving up with Chantel

Just a quick savings update with Chantel!

Check out her blog HERE and follow her on twitter HERE.

And also, HERE‘s a link to the blog I mentioned in the video 🙂

Keep an eye out for more vlogs coming soon… Itinerary vlog with Grace will be next 🙂



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Saving Update: Easter Holidays & Selling Things Over Facebook!

It’s almost Easter, guys! Meaning another season of spending, spending, spending!!

I don’t know about you, but my family are big on Easter. We love our chocolate, but more than that, we love giving chocolate! Usually, before Easter Sunday my family and I go out shopping to buy Easter Eggs, Bunnies, and Bilbies for each other.

We eat bilbies, not bunnies!

But with the Easter season coming along, that’s more money spent for those who celebrate the season, so in order to save this year during Easter what I’ll be doing is buying cheaper eggs (Chocolate is still chocolate afterall) and what I’ve been doing in the weeks leading up to Easter is giving up a few favourite things. I’ve completely given up Easyway (so that’s a significant saving seeing as each of their delicious drinks will set you back $5 a pop) and I’ve gone hunting around Surry Hills (at Central in the City) finding cheap restaurants to eat at when I’m still hungry after munching down my packed lunches at uni. (McDonald’s now sell their garden salads for $2 for those concerned about diet).

For the moment my diet consists of breast pops.

Anyway, I have started planning on selling a few of my things over Facebook for cheap. Mostly just books (I’m an avid reader, you see) and probably other things that I don’t use anymore… probably even one of my guitars. :/

Right now, I’m still trying to convince myself to do it because it really is for the best. I mean, there is absolutely no more space left on my book shelves and selling a couple of things will leave my room with some extra leg room for everything I’ll be buying in Korea! 화이팅~!

Bye Bye Books 😦

Other than that, Saving’s going great! I’ve almost hit the $1000 mark and seeing as I only started saving a month ago, I’m very proud of myself. Also, I GOT THE JOB!! Woohooooo!! Korea, I shall see you soon!


  • Buy cheap chocolates for Easter.
  • Find cheap restaurants.
  • Sell things you don’t need on Facebook.
  • AND I am now no longer unemployed! (Still a full-time student though).

Annyeong~! 안년~!

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Major Setback: Pt. 2

Piggy isn't happy.

I’ve been doing so well saving up but some things you just can’t help. Today I bought Big Bang’s new album “Alive”. I bought two copies. One with all of Big Bang on the cover and the other was G-Dragon’s edition. Don’t worry, they’re not both for me! One is for Chantel who is turning 20 in approximately 10 minutes! (Happy Birthday Chantelly Belly! I hope you don’t see this until tomorrow)

Also, Die Antwoord’s concert is next Friday and as I said in my first blog “10 Ways to Save for Korea” they’re one of my Must See concerts of 2012 and I am not going to let myself miss this.

So in the past two days alone I have spent just over $100 … and I have to buy my $30 train ticket tomorrow. Damn.

But on the other hand, I went for my job interview yesterday and I’d have to say it went pretty well! The rates are incredible and if things go well, I’ll have enough for Korea sooner than expected. I don’t want to count my eggs before they’ve hatched though so we’ll just see how it goes and I’m just hoping for the best. 🙂

Anyway, here’s a banana with a face on it.


Welcome to my little (but growing) YG Collection, Alive!


That’s all for now! Wish me luck for this job!



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Saving Update: Saving on the side

Being a full-time musician and student makes it a great deal harder to save up for anything. I get the occasional gig here and there but as many of you know, unless you’re a worldwide superstar, being a musician doesn’t pay greatly. But don’t get me wrong! I absolutely love what I do and I wouldn’t have it any other way however it becomes a great dilemma when you’re trying to save up for Korea!

Performing with my band "Enter the Ninja"

So how can I save any other way?

Obviously, there’s having a job which would be my number one option. I quit my job last year once I became a full time student and since then my bank account gradually became emptier and emptier. Being a student isn’t cheap. Every week my public transport expenses costs me $30, I have to spend for food if I don’t want to starve myself, plus there are tuition fees. As I mentioned in my 10 Ways to Save For Korea post, I’ve begun packing lunches for uni but occasionally I do want to eat some nice hot food and sometimes my packed lunch just isn’t enough. Either way, if I’m packing lunches or buying at uni, I’m still spending none-the-less.

Anyway, I’ve applied for a few jobs and I have an interview on Thursday! (Woo!) I’ll just have to deal with being an employed full-time student somehow.

Regardless of what I’ve mentioned above, here are some things I’ve been doing to help fill up my piggy!

  1. Busking

    Yesterday I went busking for the first time with Frances! We used this opportunity as a paid rehearsal before a gig we had afterwards. It was daunting at first singing in public in front of strangers but then, think about it. As a musician, I sing in front of strangers all the time. Most people loved it, and we even had a little audience by the end of it all. It was great! And to be honest, the income was fantastic. I made more money busking than playing actual gigs. The money you pay for a busking license is pretty much remitted back to you on your first busk.I think I’ll be busking more often.  Yep, definitely.
  2. Giving Lessons
    We’re all particularly good at something and there are always people wanting to get better at that something you do. I’m a singer so recently I decided I’d give some singing lessons to beginners for heaps cheap. And when I say cheap, I mean cheap. You get more business that way.
  3. Gigs

    One day I'll have my own Big Show

    My band Enter the Ninja and I have been gigging around Sydney since late 2010. However, until the day we get as big as Big Bang, originals bands just don’t earn nearly enough but it is a great way to save on the side. Fighting~!

Anyway, Piggy is getting fatter and fatter! I’ve just got to keep finding ways to feed her!

Feed me~!


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10 Ways to Save for Korea

Okay, so as some of you may know I will be turning 21 at the end of 2012 and I will also (hopefully) be graduating with my bachelor’s degree in music. (Fuckyeah!)

To celebrate these momentous occasions in my life I will be going to Korea with a bunch of my closest mates. (Also, we’re going because we were poor high school kids back in 2009 who didn’t have enough for schoolies)

So I made a little list in my diary of 10 ways to save for Korea! Observe:

Unfortunately, I don’t know where I put my good quality camera, and I have also misplaced my scanner (don’t ask) so I had to take this photo with my shitty Toshiba webcam. I don’t think you can read what I actually wrote so I’ll re-write everything, explain it a little and hopefully if you’ll be travelling soon and are poor just like me, these simple rules I will be living by for the next year will help you save, too!

  1. Only buy EASYWAY every second day!
    (Or whatever other beverages/snacks you routinely buy)
    Easyway! Omnomnom
    So far I’ve done great in this! I have only bought Easyway once this week compared to last year when I bought it every single day I had a class. Sometimes even twice a day. I swear, most of Easyway’s profits probably came from my pocket.
  2. Make Packed Lunches.

    (These girls look really excited with their packed lunches. Although the girl on the left looks more so excited. The one on the right probably only has tuna.)
    Back to the good old brown bag. Sounds simple enough, yes, but buying lunch at the nearby cafe has always been my way of socialising whilst at college (socialising IRL that is. Otherwise, my social life belongs right here – on the internet) Making lunch and bringing it in can save you a lot more than going out to eat. I mean, a whole box of Big Tedz (Tiny Teddy’s older brother) are only $5 or less compared to one meal bought in the city which costs $10+. Anyway, once again I did great with this one. I only bought lunch once this week ($17 down the drain. Wow.) and the rest of the week I brought my food in.
  3. Don’t Buy a MacBook Pro.

    This one makes me really sad. I was meant to get a MacBook Pro in March but that would set me back almost $2000. That’s a lot of money. That covers my entire airfare + a few nights accomodation. I was really looking forward to the mac (I can’t even say “my” mac ’cause it’s not even mine) but life goes on and I’ll just have to stay a little uncool this year.
  4. Put allowance money into theBank!!

    Simple enough – just put your money in the bank, Jasmine. (But I can’t!) Yes I can. I put $100 into my netbank saver account this week (and by “I”, I mean my mum). I had $20 left from my allowance this week but the bank was closed so I ended up blowing it on Easyway. (Damn you Easyway! You’ll be the death of me!) So I need to work on this one but I know I can do it.
  5. No more internet shopping! 😦

    Another addiction I’m going to have to kick… especially now since Yesstyle just had an 80% off sale! But when I go internet shopping I always end up blowing a lot of cash on nonsense since I can’t see the money physically come out of my hands. I’ve already given Mother Dearest my debit card and without that I won’t be able to verify my card details therefore I can’t shop online! Easy.
  6. Do NOT touch the money in the Netbank Saver account!

    Well I don’t want to access my money anytime, because then I’ll be broke!
    I can’t withdraw from my NetBank Saver account unless I transfer to my main saving account so this is a great way to save money. It’s got no additional fees (I don’t know if that’s just ’cause I’m a student) and it’s a great way to control your money so I highly suggest it.
  7. Spare change goes into the Piggy Bank every week!

    My piggy bank is a cow. No, I’m not talking about the girl in the background. That’s me. Moo~.
    Basically, all my loose change goes into this at the end of the week. I’m pretty sure I have $12.70 in there. Woohoo! I just started it this week so I’m happy with that. It’ll grow in time.
  8. Only go to MUST SEE concerts & gigs!

    Yes, die fokken antwoord are one of my must sees. I don’t care how much they are. I’m going to see them in March.
  9. Don’t go out so much!

    I am awesome on MS Paint. (Shut up, it’s 4am)
    Refer to the picture above: see how easy it is to not go out? Yeah, do that.
  10. If I need to buy something, buy it cheaper!
    And by this I mean, buy generic! Not all the time, just when you can… I mean who needs Kellog’s Rice Bubbles when there’s Homebrand Rice Pops? Right? I probably wouldn’t buy generic cola though. I like my coca cola.

Well, that’s it. If you’ve managed to read through all that, good on you. Give yourself a pat on the back. Anyway, those are my tips! I hope you enjoy your trip and I’ll be posting more about my upcoming trip to Korea!

Kamsahamnida! Annyeong!

(All pictures belong to their rightful owners. Click through to go to where I found the photo. If somehow I credited something wrong, please send me a message and I’ll fix that right up!) 


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