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Saving Update: (Vlog #1) Saving up with Chantel

Just a quick savings update with Chantel!

Check out her blog HERE and follow her on twitter HERE.

And also, HERE‘s a link to the blog I mentioned in the video 🙂

Keep an eye out for more vlogs coming soon… Itinerary vlog with Grace will be next 🙂



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K-Talk Tuesdays: DAEBAK, FIGHTING and other Korean expressions. (Part 1)

안녕 하세요~! I hope you guys haven’t missed me too much!

This week I’m going to be making you sound just that little bit more authentically Korean with some common expressions and idioms used by Native Speakers! If you’re a K-drama buff (like myself) you may have heard a couple of these words before! You may already know some words such as Annyeong Haseyo – 안녕 하세요 (Hello) , and Kamsahamnida – 감사함니다 (Thank you) – But here are a couple more words to add to your Korean vocab.

DAEBAK – 대박 – Jackpot!

This expression is often used when something awesome has happened or if something impresses you. It’s like a parallel word for the English expressions “Awesome!”, “Cool!” or “Hell yeah!”. Basically, Daebak is a word of exclamation!

So how do you use it?:

“I got a high distinction for my assignment! DAEBAK!” (In all honesty, I only scraped by with a low pass)
“The Wonder Girls just won a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award! DAEBAK!” (They didn’t really, but I wish they did)

FIGHTING! – 화이팅~!

A battle cry! You all know this one! It’s so overused and every single drama (that I’ve ever watched) has incorporated it in some way. Basically, other than the fact that it’s a sort of battle cry, it’s a term used to encourage someone and to get them to do the best they can. It’s often (or always) accompanied with a little fist pump like this :3


You go, success kid! :’) Anyway, here’s how you’d use it:

“We’re going to win this football match tonight! FIGHTING!”
“I know you can get through this! FIGHTING!”

I should also point out that Koreans pronounce this word as “hwaiting” as it is spelled that way phonetically in hangeul (화이팅!)

OMO – 오모 / AIGOO – 아이구 – Oh My Goodness!

OMO! Omo and Aigoo both basically have the same meaning as the English expression “Oh My Gosh!” Once again, I’m sure the drama buffs already use “omo” a lot. Although the words have the same meaning, they sort of have different connotations (I think). I’m not entirely sure but I think Aigoo is more interchangeable than Omo. Aigoo changes meaning depending on the context, for example, you’d use Aigoo if you spilt boiling water on yourself, or if you’re exasperated, or sympathising with somebody. Omo has more of a positive connotation to it. It’s pretty much like saying OMG.

“Aigoo, that’s no good! You poor thing.”
“OMO! Lee Sin and Gyu Won just kissed!! Omo, Omo, Omo!!! 

SNSD’s Jessica – “Aigoo! Stress!!”

JEONGMAL – 정말/ JINJJA – 진짜 – Really??

Like Aigoo and Omo, Jeongmal and Jinjja both mean the same thing: “Really”. It can be used as a statement or a question depending on how you say the word. If you were to ask the question “Really?” you’d raise the end of the word, otherwise you’d just say it straight. Basically, these words can be used as sentences all on their own. Besides that, here are some examples of how you’d use it in sentences taken from my little bible: “Korean For Dummies”.

“Jinjja gyosunimkkeseo sukjega eopdago hasyeoseoyo!”
“진짜 교수님께서 숰제가 엎다고 핫여서요!”
” Really, the professor said there was no homework!”

“Jeongmal oneuldo yageunieyo?”
“정말 오늘도 야근이에요?”
“Really? I’m working overtime today?”

Another way to say “really” is the word cham 참  but it is closer to the english word “sure”.
(Btw, I’m not sure if the hangul for those last two sentences are right, so please correct me if I’m wrong.)

Omo! Jinjja, Bom?

Anyway, have fun using these words guys! I’ve almost resurfaced from under all my assignments (Aigoo! Stress!) and I’ll be updating the blog often again. Give me about two weeks.

I’ll give you guys more words to use next week! Fighting!



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Why Korea?

Over the past few weeks, this has been the most common question I’ve received from my colleagues, my family, friends and just everyone really.

Of all the places in the world, why Korea?

Even the Koreans are asking why.

Initially, Korea wasn’t high up on my list. I just got back from a 3 month holiday in the Philippines and during that time I brainstormed a few places my friends and I could visit next year. Top on my list were Boracay (Philippines) or the Gold Coast in Sunny Brisvegas. Both beautiful places with tropical climates. Neither one too far from home and both well within our price ranges.

So I messaged my friends on facebook to suggest my ideas… turns out since I was gone for such a long period of time (2 and a half months at that point), there were already ruminations about going to Korea! So there goes Boracay and the Gold Coast… but at the end of the day this was actually a lot more exciting for me. It’s a lot different to what I’m used to in terms of holidays. I’ve already been to both Boracay and the Gold Coast, both of which are summery beach places. I’m from Sydney so I could easily just drive down the coast to Bondi, but how often do I see snow?? Never! We’re going in February which most probably means snow! YAY!


My friends have been massive fans of Korean culture for a long time. Kpop, Kdrama, Kfashion – you name it.

Btw, Happy Valentines Day 😉

I was fairly late to the entire Korean Culture boom when I got into it in 2009. Chantel introduced me to f(x)’s songs “Chu” and “La Chata”, and Cat introduced me to the Kdrama “My Girl” and I guess that’s what got the ball rolling for me. Also, during this time was the massive WONDERGIRLS boom and  fortunately (or unfortunately?) for me I was holidaying in the Philippines (read: Asia) at this point and “Nobody” was playing on the radio, on TV, in shopping centres and everywhere, constantly. You’d think the radio DJ had fallen asleep and left “Nobody” on repeat.

Anyway, I guess from that point my interest in Korean culture started to grow. From there I started discovering my own favourite Korean related things (2NE1 and Big Bang anybody??) and basically, I developed an interest in all things Korean (which was fed by my slightly K-obsessed friends).

So now you know a little about my background in regards to Korean culture, still, why Korea?

Personally, I am going because I want a change. Korea is very different in terms of what I’m used to in terms of culture,  climate and latitude/longitude. Korea will be my first holiday as an adult and by that I mean it’ll pretty much be the first time I’ll be away from Mommy and Daddy (aww) for such a period of time, and it’ll be my first non-family oriented holiday. I’ve been to other places but I’ve always gone with my family and I guess this upcoming holiday will be testing  my independence and my ability to hold myself as an adult in the big wide world. This is my main reason for going.

Otherwise, other than the fact that my friends are going, I have many reasons for going… especially after discovering Eat Your Kimchi’s youtube channel last year singing praises for Korean life. If you haven’t met Simon and Martina of Eat Your Kimchi yet, I suggest you head over to their website now. NOW! (Just make sure you don’t have any work to do because I can assure you that you’ll be there for awhile.)

Simon, Martina & the Spudgy!

Anyway, Eat Your Kimchi have started a segment recently called W.A.N.K. (Wonderful Adventure Now Korea!) where they travel to different places to review it so I suggest you check that out if you intend to travel there anytime soon. Other than that, they have K-Pop Mondays where they review songs and they also have TL;DR for any of your (mostly) Korea related questions.

In their blogs they make Korea look so amazing, which I’m very sure it is! Pretty much everything they have reviewed is on our itinerary from Namsan tower to Se7en’s restaurant.

So I’m going to wrap this blog up now and in my upcoming posts I guess I’ll write a little about the places my friends and I plan to visit.

Are there any places in Korea that you recommend? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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10 Ways to Save for Korea

Okay, so as some of you may know I will be turning 21 at the end of 2012 and I will also (hopefully) be graduating with my bachelor’s degree in music. (Fuckyeah!)

To celebrate these momentous occasions in my life I will be going to Korea with a bunch of my closest mates. (Also, we’re going because we were poor high school kids back in 2009 who didn’t have enough for schoolies)

So I made a little list in my diary of 10 ways to save for Korea! Observe:

Unfortunately, I don’t know where I put my good quality camera, and I have also misplaced my scanner (don’t ask) so I had to take this photo with my shitty Toshiba webcam. I don’t think you can read what I actually wrote so I’ll re-write everything, explain it a little and hopefully if you’ll be travelling soon and are poor just like me, these simple rules I will be living by for the next year will help you save, too!

  1. Only buy EASYWAY every second day!
    (Or whatever other beverages/snacks you routinely buy)
    Easyway! Omnomnom
    So far I’ve done great in this! I have only bought Easyway once this week compared to last year when I bought it every single day I had a class. Sometimes even twice a day. I swear, most of Easyway’s profits probably came from my pocket.
  2. Make Packed Lunches.

    (These girls look really excited with their packed lunches. Although the girl on the left looks more so excited. The one on the right probably only has tuna.)
    Back to the good old brown bag. Sounds simple enough, yes, but buying lunch at the nearby cafe has always been my way of socialising whilst at college (socialising IRL that is. Otherwise, my social life belongs right here – on the internet) Making lunch and bringing it in can save you a lot more than going out to eat. I mean, a whole box of Big Tedz (Tiny Teddy’s older brother) are only $5 or less compared to one meal bought in the city which costs $10+. Anyway, once again I did great with this one. I only bought lunch once this week ($17 down the drain. Wow.) and the rest of the week I brought my food in.
  3. Don’t Buy a MacBook Pro.

    This one makes me really sad. I was meant to get a MacBook Pro in March but that would set me back almost $2000. That’s a lot of money. That covers my entire airfare + a few nights accomodation. I was really looking forward to the mac (I can’t even say “my” mac ’cause it’s not even mine) but life goes on and I’ll just have to stay a little uncool this year.
  4. Put allowance money into theBank!!

    Simple enough – just put your money in the bank, Jasmine. (But I can’t!) Yes I can. I put $100 into my netbank saver account this week (and by “I”, I mean my mum). I had $20 left from my allowance this week but the bank was closed so I ended up blowing it on Easyway. (Damn you Easyway! You’ll be the death of me!) So I need to work on this one but I know I can do it.
  5. No more internet shopping! 😦

    Another addiction I’m going to have to kick… especially now since Yesstyle just had an 80% off sale! But when I go internet shopping I always end up blowing a lot of cash on nonsense since I can’t see the money physically come out of my hands. I’ve already given Mother Dearest my debit card and without that I won’t be able to verify my card details therefore I can’t shop online! Easy.
  6. Do NOT touch the money in the Netbank Saver account!

    Well I don’t want to access my money anytime, because then I’ll be broke!
    I can’t withdraw from my NetBank Saver account unless I transfer to my main saving account so this is a great way to save money. It’s got no additional fees (I don’t know if that’s just ’cause I’m a student) and it’s a great way to control your money so I highly suggest it.
  7. Spare change goes into the Piggy Bank every week!

    My piggy bank is a cow. No, I’m not talking about the girl in the background. That’s me. Moo~.
    Basically, all my loose change goes into this at the end of the week. I’m pretty sure I have $12.70 in there. Woohoo! I just started it this week so I’m happy with that. It’ll grow in time.
  8. Only go to MUST SEE concerts & gigs!

    Yes, die fokken antwoord are one of my must sees. I don’t care how much they are. I’m going to see them in March.
  9. Don’t go out so much!

    I am awesome on MS Paint. (Shut up, it’s 4am)
    Refer to the picture above: see how easy it is to not go out? Yeah, do that.
  10. If I need to buy something, buy it cheaper!
    And by this I mean, buy generic! Not all the time, just when you can… I mean who needs Kellog’s Rice Bubbles when there’s Homebrand Rice Pops? Right? I probably wouldn’t buy generic cola though. I like my coca cola.

Well, that’s it. If you’ve managed to read through all that, good on you. Give yourself a pat on the back. Anyway, those are my tips! I hope you enjoy your trip and I’ll be posting more about my upcoming trip to Korea!

Kamsahamnida! Annyeong!

(All pictures belong to their rightful owners. Click through to go to where I found the photo. If somehow I credited something wrong, please send me a message and I’ll fix that right up!) 


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