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The Next Chapter

Hi guys!

So it’s been quite awhile since I posted here last but I have started a new blog for the next chapter of my life!

I think I caught the travel bug while I was in Korea, and now I’m moving to New Jersey!

I’ll be updating my travels over there from now on! Thank you for following! 😀



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K-Talk Delay :(

Hey guys!

So sorry for the K-Talk delay this week. I have heaps of essays to write right now but I’ll get straight back into it next week!! Promise!

Have a good week guys! Annyeong! 안녕~!!

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Kids React to K-Pop


I just think this video is absolutely worth a watch. It reminds me of me before I took the time to actually listen to K-Pop. Now I’m ashamed to say, I’m the absolute opposite of these children.

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Meet Piggy!

My piggy bank got an upgrade! She’s actually a piggy now, and she’s huge! YAY! More space for saving for Korea!


Meet Piggy! (Moomoo will be moving to my bedroom to adorn my bookcase and to be the holder of smaller change I find lying around.)

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