About saving up for Korea

안녕~! Hello and Welcome to Saving Up For Korea!

Hitching a ride to Korea

My name is Jasmine Biala and I am a third year full-time  Bachelor of Music student at the Australian Institute of Music.

My friends and I are self proclaimed K-Addicts and we decided to battle our addiction by planning a trip to K-Pop mecca itself: Seoul, South Korea. 

This blog will be documenting my journey as I save for my 2013 Korean Holiday with 9 of my closest friends!

To learn a little bit more check out this post or follow me on twitter!

Also, keep an eye out for guest blogs!

Wanna know more? Anything we absolutely need to see while in Korea? Any dares you’d like us to do while in Korea?
Comment below! 😉


6 responses to “About saving up for Korea

  1. Updates may include Dramasand their locations, music releases, group debut thoughts just for motivation to visit…?
    and prospective locations on our itinerary in the making!! The list is growing and so too is our budget!

  2. Just found your blog and now I’m so excited to follow your journey to Korea! You are going to LOVE Korea so much, especially since you’re a Kpop enthusiast. What are your favorite groups? I love 2ne1.

    • Thank you! I’m so excited to go to Korea! I’m thinking if I really enjoy my holiday next year, perhaps I’ll go teach there sometime in the future. 🙂

      I absolutely love 2NE1 and Bigbang, but 4 Minute and B2ST are high up on my list too! Btw, congratulations on your little one! Just had a peek at your blog and she’s beautiful!

  3. Trish

    Came across your blog and it is very interesting and fun to read….I spent 3 years in Korea when I was still serving in the military (US Army) and I enjoyed every minute of it (FYI, I am full breed Pinay). I am trying to go back and hopefully, I can find a federal job that will pay my relocation. Goodluck to your trip….and I will keep on following you.

  4. Tya

    Just stumbled across this blog looking up Epik High lyrics and I must say I’m pretty impressed! I learned a little bit here so keep up the good work. This blog is now saved in my favorites and an icon on my cellphone wall!!! I also want to go to Seoul Korea!!! So save your heart out! Korea Fighting!!!!!

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