K-Talk Tuesdays: Hangeul 한글 – The Korean Alphabet

I hope you guys have been learning a lot these past few weeks. I’ve got to say I’ve been learning quite a bit and I’m fairly proud of myself.

However, if you’re going to learn to speak Korean, you might as well go all the way and learn the Korean Alphabet, too. I’ve just picked up hangeul over the past week and it’s a lot easier than I thought it would be. I used to think there were hundreds of Korean characters, but it turns out Korea has a fairly similar amount of characters in their alphabet to english. It’s just that they build their words in “boxes” – so instead of writing from left to right, they write each syllable in the form of a box (but still writing from left to right).

I wrote hangeul on my laptop. :3

In the past week, I’ve enabled the Korean Keyboard on my laptop so now with the click of the “alt” button I can go from typing in English to 한글 (Hangeul). It’s so exciting! But as you can see above, I’ve scribbled all over my keyboard because I just can’t memorise all the characters on the keyboard off by heart yet.

If you want to practice your Hangeul, what I’ve been doing is looking up romanisations of Korean songs on the internet, then from there I’ll rewrite it in Hangeul. Of course, I can’t really check if what I’ve written is right so a Korean friend would come in really handy right about now to proof read.

Trying to proof read my own hangeul.

Anyway, here are two charts I made of Hangeul Characters below along with what they’re called and how they are pronounced. (I’m not sure if they’re completely right so if you are a fluent reader of Hangeul, please let me know if I’ve made any mistakes).

Consonants in Hangeul.

I’m not sure if vowels have any character names:

Vowels in Hangeul

Anyway, I hope you enjoy learning hangeul! Good luck!





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9 responses to “K-Talk Tuesdays: Hangeul 한글 – The Korean Alphabet

  1. momo


  2. HHAHA wow u actually did write on ur keyboard! re-sale value just got interesting… now time to buy a samsung laptop..

    I mean that in a good way, they are pretty good and light. 🙂

  3. Rob

    If you want any more help with your reading and writing, the first two classes of this site are super helpful with it, and after that, he teaches the basic sentence and speaking – all really good stuff!


    Hope that helps!!

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  5. Onadi

    I want write too Korean!!!

  6. Shinta

    how do you make your “ordinary” keyboard can write hangeul?

    • On a Mac, you can search for Keyboard preferences in spotlight, and set your keyboard to Korean. 🙂
      After that, I just figured out which each key was for myself. Good luck!

  7. Beatrice V.

    This is soooo helpful!!! Thanks alot 😄

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